Handmade or Industrial Products?

December 10, 2017

Salute Gentleman!


This topic is a bit different to all the others and it is more about describing a passion rather than something practical.


The reason for this article is very simple. As a gentleman, you want objects that will tell something about you. Something you want to say. This is probably why this particular article is more an ode to craftsmanship rather than anything else.


1.  The value of hand-made


We all approach our hobbies in a different manner. Although not everything can be acquired from an artisan, there are many pieces of gear that are possible to get from the hands of an experienced master. Now, what is the point? You may say. Well, there are several reasons why I would recommend to go handcrafted rather than industrial when it comes to your outdoor products. Let me highlight just a couple. 



- Custom Fit: This is probably one of the strongest angles from a handmade product. If you can get your paws on anything handcrafted, there are high chances that you will be able to customize it to your perfect fit. In the world of sports (as much as in the world of fashion) fitting is King and comfort is Queen. With a hand made product you get both. 


- Put Your DNA into it: In some cases, the artisan, the craftsman or the specialist, will serve as an extension of yourself. He will allow you to participate from the process and will be able to bring to life your most refined dreams when it comes to a piece. He will allow you to add details to personalize your item which will bring a true sentimental value to that object. 


- Durability: Most cases of handmade products share one important value. They are meant to last. Materials are of the highest quality and the production process is one that involves love and extreme attention to details. This is a formula for long-lasting pieces. Products that you might even be able to inherit to those coming under you.


2. Compare handmade with industrial


Once, upon a time, everything was made by hand. Now, in the 21st century, we couldn’t imagine to live our lifestyles without machines. Mainly we all look at the two most important variables in this hectic life: time and cost.


As I often hear: “ Time is money!” So, if you want a product that takes time to make it is reasonable, it will cost you more money. 


For the an better illustration, let’s look at some products and compare them





As you can see in this simple but common examples, the handmade products which take a lot more time to produce cost way more for sure. But, if it also will last longer, then you won't spend that much in the end. As the saying goes "Cheap can be expensive".


Obviously, handmade products aren't for everyone. If all of us out there would choose to have everything handcrafted, it would be impossible to support the demand, hence, a handmade product is also exclusive! and this is an adorable attribute for us gentleman looking to stand out in what we do.


For me, it is something special to have a handmade piece (at home for example) or take my handmade knife to the mountains with me. Because I know, not everyone has it and even if someone buys a knife from the same guy, you will never find a 100% identical version to the one I have.


3. Let's throw some usefulness into this article


so you already read why I love handmade products. now it's time to give you some good ol' tips for you to get your own. Here are some things I enjoy a lot.


Like I said before, I have no relationship with the brands I will mention now. I just think their products are nice and good quality. You can find your own alternatives to it. 


for both kitchen and outdoors, take a look at these beautiful knives



They don't freaking make touring boots but boy they do some nice piste toys



I would like me some of these for my next glacier crossing




Ok enough examples. I don't like to promote brands. If you do a simple google search for handmade products in your area, you will find plenty of options for it.


4. Buying handmade keeps the craft skills alive


This is at the heart of this topic. Although in many industries there's a high value for handcrafted goods, it is harder and harder to find people wanting to develop these skills. Which means; prices for these objects will only go up.


However, every time you purchase such a product, you're helping local commerce, artisans and skilled people to keep their trade. Think a bit the next time you just want to go and acquire a product.



Thanks for reading gentlemen and please leave a comment under this post if you agree/disagree with me and why it is important to support these kind of products!


Have a successful day!




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