Karwendel Quick Climb

October 5, 2018

Hi Guys!


Glad to have you around again. Today is rock climbing time :) With the first rays of sun and the ice disappearing in most of the northern alps, is time to get those fingers going so, I went for a really quick tour before work this morning as I could arrive to the office a bit late today.


I completely recommend this mixed tour as it is fast and powerful enough to get you pumped throughout the day. So, here it goes.

 Clipped into the ferrata but not using the cable!


I started in München Daniel (one of my climbing buddies) at 7:30am. We drove directly to the Karwendel Bahn station and took the first gondola up at 9:00am.


Before you get all the tourists. At the station we did a quick run up to the base of the climb. In our plan -as a training- we wanted to do a section with ropes and a fast section using the via-ferrata to then finish with a solo ridge-run to get a sense of a complete-environment climb.


Think of this training as putting a bit of everything in the blender to get a power juice.


 Simul Solo climbing the first easy section


We scrambled to the connection point of the Via Ferrata doing a simul-solo since the conditions were perfect and the climb was light enough to do it safely.


We then proceeded to put away the rope and clip into the steel cable. However, there’s a trick here.


You can clip to the cable as a safety measure to go fast but you cannot use it with your hands. You still have to climb all the way as is you were rock-climbing.


This will allow you to get the most out the exercise as you will have to move fast but still pay attention to your technique and be climbing rock wearing alpine boots without crampons.


 Approaching the ridge and ready to untie the rope


At the top of the ferrata there’s a beautiful ridge connection two sections of the mountain. Move fast and steady without using ropes on at first and rope up if the ridge gets uncomfortable for you.


The ridge is not technically difficult so, it is a great place to develop the confidence to attack other situations when you have to move fast and light under pressure. Great mental exercise.


Getting out of the knife's edge while coming back


At the end of the climb there is an exit point to the right that leads to a trail going down next to the face. Take this trail and you’ll be heading down to the station in no-time and ready to take the cable car down and be on your way to work!


I hope you guys enjoy this post :)




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