Before-Work Ski Tour

December 20, 2017


Hi there gents,


If you’re like me and you hate going to the gym (but we know is necessary) and, above all, you hate leg day! Then this is the best option for you.


I know that many of you think waking up very early in the morning is quite a sacrifice (it is) but, I wouldn’t do it just to go for a run, I would do it for something more interesting. So, how about a good, short but powerful skitour? Check this out.


I have to be sitting in front of my computer at 9:00 am, most of the times. If you leave in Munich, the best is to consider you will need about 45 minutes to reach a good tour.


I live in the south of the city and chose -for the purpose of this example- the Brauneck ski area. It is 65 km away from my place and it’s pretty easy to reach.


Now, this obviously does not replace going into your local gym and having a 2 hour total session from door to door but, it is way more interesting.  


Map location, here.


Anyway, you take the A95 and then the Landstraße 11 and you’ll be getting there. Parking is for free and at that time of the morning there is no one (or maybe another crazy dude like me). I went out at 5 am with a coffee and a pretzel and by 6:15 am I was ready to start touring.


Take the main piste uphill and follow the left side until you reach a small flat part, from there you take a right and continue on this narrower path until you see an opening to another main piste.


Going up from here becomes steeper and this is when things start to get interesting. Push at 60% pace on this stretch and you’ll feel your legs already start pumping pretty good.



At the end of this portion take a turn left for another flat stretch of about 60 meters and then you will have two choices. You can keep touring to the left following the walking path which is a bit easier or you can take a left and continue on the piste where it becomes quite steep.


By the time you reach the final part of this black piste you should be a bit tired. Remember the idea is to complete this tour in about 1.5 hours, giving you enough time to return, have a shower and go to work. For those who have a shower at work, well, it’s easier!



Finish the black piste and you will reach a transition piste which is flat and nice and will give you time to recover for the final push (very, very, steep).


At the end of the transition path there is a small utility house and you need to go to the left around it and then right bordering the small lagoon.


When you finish this, you get to a lump on the path and you’ll be able to see the final portion of the tour.


A freaking steep slope. This slope is normally not groomed and you can opt for a zig-zag approach or just take the skis of, remove the skins and bootpack up so you can just ski down fast. Taking the skins at the top is more complicated.


This is where you will give 120% and to the kind of “muscle-failure training” part of the tour. Give it everything you’ve got.


Take a 2 - 3 min break depending on how tired you are and how cold it is. Put on the skis and enjoy some good powder turns on your way down.


You will be able to reach the parking lot with your skis on. Be sure to bring a good Thermos with coffee or tea to reward yourself and there you go! Leg day is over and you just have the feeling of a nice tour.


I hope this was useful and If you have anything to add, make sure you leave a comment :)









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