How to choose a good barber?

December 6, 2017

Salute Gentlemen!


Where to get the best barber treatment in Munich?


Today i would like to write a bit to you about a good barber treatment.

I know so many Turkish barber salons where i went for years. It was always the same. You come, say how you want your haircut, he cut is not as you aspect and your whole look is gone. Don't make the same mistakes like i have done! I would rather pay 50 Euro for a good haircut than 12 Euro for a shitty one and walk around the next months like a shorn sheep.


I hope i can help you a bit to choose the right barber and to have the best haircut you ever had! Enjoy.


Unfortunately, many men today are missing out on the benefits of having a regular barber. The barbershop tradition has faded more and more over the past years.

The modern man from today just went to a close 0815 unisex salon because he is in a hurry or want to save money.

Each time when they go to a different salon, they have to explain over and over again how they want their hair. Every Stylist got his own impression of “take of a the sides a bit”. Many of the Stylists want to correct your last style from the last barber and bring their idea in it. Sounds great at the beginning, but can get in a terrible way and after the visit you will walk out with a complete different haircut as you wanted before.

This is not a good option if you want a good and stylish consistent image.


As every man need a best drink buddy, every man need his personally, trustful and skilled barber. Having one of these, will guarantee you a consistent, well looking sharp haircut after every visit.

Good barbers have a memory like an elephant!

Imagine you can just come in the salon, shaking your barber the hand and say: “ the usual James”. How familiar does this sounds?

He will know all the contours and complexities of your head, how you like the cut and style. Just the way you like it over years and years. You will feel well when get out of the salon.


In this short and useful article i want to show you how to find a good barber in munich and to get a good relationship to him. We all want someone who is a keeper, right?


New in the town? There should you search before enter a barber shop.


First of all we know a pretty good device called Google.

Google is programmed to give you the best recommendations, not the most expensive.

Exactly like we do. We want to show you how to use Google right.


  • Search for the right name. Every time when we are in a new city and need a haircut, we look for something like : “barbershops in xy-town”. Check out the reviews on for example after you found a shop which look good.


  • Ask people for their recommendations. Especially ask some other, men who look good, have a stylish haircut and a trendy occur. The chances are good that they will recommend you a good barber!

After all this steps you have found the perfect salon and want to go in there!

But you even don’t know who will be your barber.


When you enter the Shop


You want a man who is super confident about his abilities to sculpt your hair into a handcrafted masterpiece.


A good and confident barber will look you deep in your eyes, smile and give you a strong, manly handshake when you walk in for the first time. If a barber you visit for the first time will give you a limp fish handshake and avoid any eye contact than it’s a sign he is not confident and you search better for an another one.


If a barber will do exactly the haircut you wish, he either have no experience or confidence. A good barber will have the stones to speak up and offer the best suggestions to the client after looking and reading his face shapes and structures.

Sure, if a client want strict exactly the same crappy haircut as before, a barber will do it.


Look for the shop’s cleanliness


We all know this, looking to the left and to the right when we enter a cheap salon and there are hairs everywhere. Under the seats, on the machines..

Again! A good barber will hold his salon always clean and in top shape.

Imagine this sloppiness from a inaccurate barber reflected in your haircut.


Is the barber dressed well and has a clean haircut, then he will offer this to his clients too. A great barber take this serious, he is in a business world, where he help other man’s to look great with a professional image.


Listen to the details. Does the barber ask you the right questions?


When you walk into a sloppy barbershop where you get a haircut for 10 $, sit down on the chair, getting the hair drape around your neck and the barber will ask you: “ What number do you want on the sides?”.  

Stand up, say “thank you sir” and run out of the shop.

Cmon, you can give the same haircut to yourself when you know the number guard to put on the clippers. Why pay someone for this work?


A Good barber will always take time for you and talk with you. He will ask you questions like: “What do you like about your hair?” “What don’t you like” “Do you want to change your style?”


Don’t look like a doofus after a barber visit.


During a haircut a good barber will stop and ask you for your opinion. He will ask you if it’s still to long, or the is the hairline’s shape on the back to suiting. By asking you during the haircut, he can preempt any haircut disasters.

A bad barber will just cut your hair till the end, swipe you around in the chair to look in the mirror and it will be too late to change something. You have to wait for the next haircut. Till this moment, you will be ashamed and disappointed.


Focus your questions on two areas:


  1. The barbers experience

  2. The barbers personality


It is like hiring a new employee, make sure to conduct a solid interview in order to get a feel if he is the right man for this job.


To get an idea about barbers life, ask him some questions about his personality. Maybe you will spend 30 minutes a month with this man together, or way more if you will go there every week, just because you like it there. A big part of a barber’s salon visit is this old and traditional camaraderie where a man can feel himself like a man. If your personality clashes with barber’s, it can be a terrible visit and suck out all the joy out of getting a good haircut.  


To get an idea of his experience, ask him about his career. How long he’s been cutting hair already and where he’s barbered. If he turn out to be a noob, don’t be his practice head, find a barber with more experience. Ask him how busy he is. A great barber will answer you, that he stay the whole day on the legs and work from 7am till 8pm and you need a appointment to visit him, he is the right man. If he says that he spend the whole day playing in his cell phone and you could walk in every time, well, there’s probably a reason for that.


A lot of barbers and hair stylists are notorious for drama in their personal life. Ask him softly how often he had changed the shop. If he will say that he is switching the shop pretty often because he didn’t get along with the owner or his private life it’s not a good sign, because you will not be able to count on him. Barbers with a lot of trouble in their life have a big tendency to cancel appointments or just come to late. We all have our day schedule and try to fit all our activities in there. Even if the barber cut your hair like a genius and you think he is your best friend, it’s better to stay away from this trouble and his personal turmoil. Go with someone more reliable.

Start slow


For sure, when you’ve gone in a barber store and talked to a barber, and you turn out that he is not the right one for you, it’s hard to just stand up and walk out of the store. For sure it’s not easy to get a good barber just through this steps. You won’t know for sure if he is the right one, until he cuts your hair.

The best way to figure out how skilled the barber is, without risking a dopey haircut is to simply ask that he can clean up your hair line around your ear and your neck. It’s hard to screw up this part, but even if his hands will do this, it’s not too noticeable.

Just from this short time you will stay in the shop, talk to the barber, you will get a feeling if he is the right man and you will keep him or not.




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