Tasty food To Get Lean

August 23, 2018



Greetings gents!


Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics. Food. Tasty food! Now, the problem with most tasty food is that: it will get you fat.


We all know -also- that the older you get, the more difficult is to get away with eating just about anything.


However, being lean is the objective in this story and, since your metabolism after 30 starts getting on the lazy side of the street, one has to put more attention to what goes into your stomach.


Before we delve a bit deeper into what is my personal strategy, let’s debunk some myths that I had the pleasure to to bump into since I started -consciously- training (some 20 years ago).


Now, I don’t claim to be a nutrition expert or anything like that but, I have tried so many things in those 20 years that pure accumulated experience has given me some hard earned knowledge. Let’s begin.


Remember the triangle (train, eat, sleep)


Managing what you eat -alone-, will not get you lean. You have to accept that is just a part of the strategy and you will need to sleep and train to complement the eating habits.


Now, it is important to consider that eating is one of the most important factors. I’d say you can get away with irregular sleep and training for a bit, but bad eating habits will surely throw you off path.


Have an objective


Whatever tickles your pickle, mate! But plan towards something to keep yourself motivated.


This is probably one of the best tricks in the bag as you will normally get demotivated and just thinking of getting to your objective will put you back on the right direction and give you the gust of will you need to say “ahhh shieeet, I will not eat that burger”.


In my case, planning for a mountain trip, an expedition or something that requires me to be fit and light is the best way to force me into keeping my good eating habits.


You will fail a bit


Most people have heard about the cheat day. Well, in my opinion that doesn’t work very well as you are desperate from a dumb diet and only looking forward to stuff yourself with all sorts of nasty food on that cheat day.


Satisfy a crave once in a while without going ballistic and you’ll feel more balanced and you’re unlikely to pull a “fuck off, I’ll be a pig” situation.


Do something active almost every day


Even if you don’t feel like doing a complete workout, do something. Go for that set of abs, a few push-ups or pull-ups. Remember that getting lean is an accumulative process so, everything you do will count.


So, about that food…


Ok the first step is to understand that not all fat is bad. Seriously, fat can actually be good. The second thing is: avoid sugar! That is the real enemy.


For those of you out there with a strong sweet tooth, well, you guys need to stay of those chocolates and cakes and candy.


However, here is a piece from Uphill Athlete that will get you more into the topic of burning fat and some useful tips on training to achieve this objective.


Burn Fat Advice


Now let’s see some recipes that work pretty well and have helped me stay around 14% body fat (given that you train enough).


So, here’s a list you can take as options. Oh, and remember! You build what you will eat when you go to the supermarket.


If you start buying crap while you’re there, then the crap will be available at home. Resist the impulse while your purchase and you won’t have the ghost lurking at home.


Soba Noodle Salad


Whole wheat pizzas with arugula and prosciutto


Portobello Fajitas


Slow Cooked Balsamic Chicken


Rosemary Dijon Pork with Salad


Tabasco Chicken with tomato sauce


Cambodian Style Spring Rolls


I hope you guys enjoy some of these tasty recipes that, along with a good exercise program, will get you lean without feeling like you’re starving.


I hope this was useful and If you have anything to add, make sure you leave a comment :)







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